Prof. Kieron Dunleavy

Dr. Dunleavy is a graduate of University College Dublin (UCD) Medical School, Ireland and following a medical oncology fellowship at the National Cancer Institute, joined the Lymphoid Malignancies Branch where his research has been focused on developing novel therapies for lymphoma and other lymphoid diseases. He has led a multi- institutional study testing risk-adapted therapy in Burkitt lymphoma - this study includes c-MYC positive diffuse large B-cell lymphoma. His research also focuses on investigating new approaches in subtypes of DLBCL such as primary central nervous system lymphoma. He is on the editorial board of many journals including Blood and Leukemia and Lymphoma and serves on the Scientific Advisory Board for the Lymphoma Research Foundation. He has authored several manuscripts in peer-reviewed journals such as New England Journal of Medicine and Blood that focus on the biology and treatment of aggressive lymphoma.