The system will open on Tuesday, January 10th 2017 and the deadline for submission is Sunday, January 15th, 2017. Abstracts will NOT be accepted beyond that date.

Please Note: upon acceptance of your abstract you are required to provide a poster of this study during congress days. The Rules of posters are similar to international rules. If needed, these can be provided later.

The reviewing committee will solicit the very best, original, basic and clinical abstracts that relate to the field of hematology and oncology. Abstracts should be limited to 400 words, Tables and charts will not be accepted.

The submitter will agree to publish the abstract in printed materials, in a searchable data base and PDF file. The submitter retains the abstracts copyright and anyone who wishes to use the abstract after the meeting will be instructed to contact the submitter for permission.

Submitters will be notified on January 30th /2017 regarding selection of their abstract.

General Instructions:

Abstracts must be original basic or clinical abstracts that relate to the field of adult, paediatric haematology and oncology. The Submitted abstracts should focus on topics such as haemostasis, thrombosis, vascular, biology, case studies, haematology, leukaemia, stem cell transplant, quality improvement, outcome research.

It is understood that any individual abstract may be part of an on-going project. Abstracts previously presented or published in whole or in part may be submitted, however, they should be updated or modified.

Case reports

Case reports are accepted. Authors should be aware of the following:

1- Single case report, should present unique cases (i.e., that was not described before) and should demonstrate the relevance of the case, the treatment used, or the biology involved must be clearly discussed. The quality of the discussion and the uniqueness of the case is generally the primary factor whether these abstracts are accepted or not.

2-The committee is aware that this may be the only way for students and residents to submit abstracts and attend the meeting. Authors of such abstracts should be a one of these categories.

Research abstracts must use the following format


3. Case reports must use the following format

Case Summary